There has to come a time when you realize you need to let God change you.

     If you want to be more like Jesus, the change will not be all comfortable.  In order to be really transformed, there must be affirmative submission in areas He reveals, followed by circumstances that are painful.  But there is Glory all the way.

     Choices must be made according to the Word of God, and those choices must also be made in prayer.

     Soldier of The Cross, there is joy and delight in Him all way, but He is not going to spare you from the hard things.

     Some things that only happen in prayer. For example, you must tell Him you will gladly receive correction and then you must study the verses about His correction.  What a privilege we have. Our loving Lord corrects those He loves.

     Oh Soldier, we are not being prepped and groomed for a life here.  We are being prepared for eternity.

     Yes, He cares about our circumstances.  Yes, He cares about how we feel.  And, yes, He cares about our goals and desires.

     The bottom line?  What do you really want?  Security now, or the discovery of the Hidden Things?   Problems quickly solved now, or be willing to launch into the frontier of faith and know God?

     Be eager to be changed, and tell Him you consider His correction to be beautiful.
     Tell Him aloud, because you cannot do it if you don't mean it.