The Faith Walk:

          Has God asked you to take a turn that obviously leads to nothing- or worse?

     Few are willing to trust God even though every Believer would admit that He knows better than we do.

     What does obviously mean?  It means by sight.

     The Lord has no problem giving direction.  The problem usually lies in our refusal to put our weight on the Promises of God.  

     Worry seems just as common in the lives of believers as unbelievers.

     Faith is a frontier.  We do not experience being led of God unless we are attracted to a life of faith. 

     Stepping into the unknown.
     Being willing to make a mistake.
     Learning to listen.  And wait.
     Letting Him lead us into what we know is not humanly possible. 

     People like Hudson Tayler, Adoniram Judson, George Muller, Amy Carmichael and Gladys Aylward are only a few of so many who made the decision to choose faith over sight.

     Many of these heroes and heroines of the faith are in nursing homes and prisons.  You will only hear of them in Glory.
     What do you have to lose?    There is nothing else lasting or real.

     Oh Soldier!  Be available for exercises and adventures in faith.   That’s where you find rest, confidence and strength for The Battle.

     Tell Him today.