The Unexpected:

     Your circumstances don't make you who you are; rather they expose who you are.

     Everyone is watching. They have seen your bumper sticker and know you are a Christian.  They listen to every word and watch your face all the time.

     You are on display.

     In order to be stable and solid and reflect what God is doing in your deepest parts, you must go through hard things that are unfair, painful, and sometimes untrue.

     You are on display.

     One of the biggest indicators of a submissive heart is a godly reaction when others would be offended. What happens when another driver cuts you off?  Or greases into a parking spot you were about to take?  How do you react when someone is unpleasant to you?

     You are on display.

     Oh Soldier!  Revealing Jesus is more than letting people know you are His.  It is your behavior in every area of your life, particularly at home.

     The first thing is to learn not to answer back.  The second thing is to learn not to think about it vigorously and relive it, imagining something better you could have said.  The third thing is to decide it is beautiful to you to be like Jesus.

     Yes, the learning begins with a decision, but there has to be experience with God, and it isn't easy.  

     It gets easier when we obey.

     There must be affirmative and explicit prayer about this.  Over and over.  No one ever arrives, because we are being changed into His Likeness until He takes us Home.

     Soldier of The Cross, take this to Him and never stop taking it to Him.
     Do it aloud.

     Then, go look for someone to love.